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See what other players think of Sentinels! We take great pride in making our games the best they can be.

Razor's Edge

"One of the most unique tower defense games I've ever played. Take a FP view of any turret, multiple weapons and upgrades, fantastic sound effects and animation. 10/10"

Dwarvian Guard

"I stumbled upon this Dev through social media and it has been an amazing journey! From the work ethic and effort I have seen put towards upgrades/fixes to just genuine joy they have for their trade... You will be hard pressed to find a more dedicated team. It is an honor to see their games develop before my very eyes."

Redonkulous Gaming

"Sentinels swoops in and flips everything we thought we knew about tower defense onto its proverbial head. Build your defense & step into the battle with FPS features for deeper and meaningful gameplay."

About Us

Alexandria Misha

Voice Actress and PR Ninja


When not wearing one of my many indiedev hats, you can find me in the corner knitting geeky things, playing overwatch, or reading books under a pile of blankets. My skills include late-night learning on Youtube, extreme caffeine tolerance, and putting too many books on hold at the library. 🙂

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Rob Elam

Founder and coding demon


I have been making games for 30+ years... I should take a break. Well, maybe after a few more games 🙂 Besides being lead on One Must Fall fighting games, I worked with some great folk on Planetside 2. I also dabble in billiards, golf, martial arts, and a little philosophy here and there.

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