The bats have escaped!

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Happy Halloween everyone!

Fixed a few bugs this patch, (also an embarrassing bug that we should have caught previously) and pushing it straight to live because BATS. And bugs.

Patch notes:

Bat explosions
Pumpkin heads (I know they were in the last patch shhhhhh)
Did I mention there were bats?
Added turret animations so they actually look alive
Updated lighting
Added muzzle flashes and improvements for artillery launcher
Recoil! FPS weapons finally have it
Improved Justice attack
Disabled energy bar if no energy abilities are available
Locked skies to spooky moons only

And plenty of little fixes/tuning changes per usual.

We wanted to get in candy explosions as well, but couldn’t quite make the deadline. Ah well, plans for next year 🙂 Anyone want exploding turkeys for Thanksgiving?