Winter is here!

In Events, Patch Notes by MindWalker Games

Grab your coats! The creeps are feeling chilly and will explode into snowflakes this holiday season.

Some creeps are also feeling a bit bah humbug, and don’t want to leave halloween behind… don’t be surprised to see a few bats flying around here and there. (Real talk – a bug in the critical hit points are causing bats instead of snowflakes. Will patch out in the next couple days, but… honestly I kinda like it. :))

Patch notes:
Added christmas hats to runners and lights
Snowflake explosions added (accessible through founders only section)
Fix for creeponium being too dark in mission 2
Major improvements to missiles
Added red beam to enemy attacks
Reduced sniper recoil
Lots of tuning changes
Reduced enemy power on last wave of Iron Sky
Repair pack now only recovers half of hit wound points
Added animation for frenzy being active
Fix for doors opening on spawners
Fix for names of mods

And a bunch of little fixes per usual. Happy holidays!