New build, so much stuff!

In Patch Notes by MindWalker Games

There’s a lot here. We fell into a development pit and emerged with pumpkin heads, among other things. A lot of other things.

To avoid being the next Crime and Punishment, I’ll just put the juiciest updates here. When it goes live I’ll be more specific, but you’re just gonna have to jump in and play yourself to see all the fun stuff. We’ve gone ape on updating help things and even added new videos (!! click on the little red icons on the main menu) to help you find your way.

After surfacing from the mountain of changelists…

  • Added pumpkin heads to runners (activated under ‘founders only’ in options)
  • Added help videos to main menu screen
  • Added new achievements to first 4 levels
  • Updated runner model and animations
  • New cinematics in Pit and Creeponium mine (please watch with the pumpkins enabled)
  • Changed end of level stars to rank badges, so you can master each difficulty level
  • Multiple Frenzy mode improvements
  • Gun no longer available in frenzy mode – added invulnerability during duration
  • Killstreaks added to frenzy bar
  • Activating Frenzy repairs gun
  • Moved ammo display to numeric counter at bottom right of reticle
  • Difficulty level adjustments!
    1. Player attacks start at difficulty 2
    2. Enemy commander innate abilities at difficulty 3
    3. Elite abilities at difficulty 4
    4. Creep player detection at difficulty 5

  • Range is now shorter when enemies detect you, but they fire faster
  • Mobile gun platform is rechristened to Goliath Armor
  • Disabled micro and elite slots until later player levels, to simplify early game choices
  • Added Mastered tag to levels indicating that you’ve gotten maximum medals and achievements
  • Updated the loot box graphics, and added unique designs for each crate. (Protip: turn up loot box chances in development mode for some fun nonsense. You can drag them around with your railgun!)
  • Loot boxes contents will now display on top of screen once collected, instead of at end of assaults.

There’s more, but I think that’s the most important stuff. Play, have fun, enjoy the latest build!