Build is live! Bubbles are live too!

In News, Patch Notes by MindWalker Games

Thanks to more feedback from you lovely lovely people, we added more stuff! Mostly QoL changes, and there are LOTS. Hope you enjoy, keep that feedback coming and we’ll make even more improvements! Have fun!

  • Added first-time events and voice lines to shield activation and rebound fire
  • New levels now immediately begin with ‘continue’ button, instead of being returned to menu
  • Nerfed boop damage and increased cooldown
  • Entering/exiting gun now has a cooldown switching to the next gun. Once you leave your gun, you’re locked out of that commander turret until fully reloaded. (You can still enter other commander guns!)
  • Fixed magnoball text
  • Increased Master Key drop
  • Added bubble explosions (under Founders only in options. You’re a founder if you bought us in EA, congratulations!)
  • Improved UI
  • Fixed videos playing in loadout screen (more videos coming soon)
  • Fixed bug where meteor storm would hit player in FPS mode
  • Improved icons
  • Fix for main menu entry sorting
  • Fix for UI visual errors
  • Improved MGP movement
  • Fix for alarm noises playing too much when player is detected
  • Fix for quantum charge
  • Added unlockable for boost and shield unlock
  • Added indicator for when player can’t launch from turrets
  • Units in formation will now activate from each other’s weapons if any are attacked
  • Autoplay first mission from main menu if first run
  • Lowered level of items gained on loadout first use
  • Added ability to reboop if you have a quantum charge

And tons of little changes and optimizations per the norm.