New build – big bug fix

In Patch Notes by MindWalker Games

Hello everyone! We discovered a bug related to enemy scaling, making the higher difficulty levels much harder than intended. This has now been fixed, and we wanted to get this live as soon as possible. There’s also a few other updates today:

  • Added ability to speed boost manual structures. Shoot the base of the structure with sniper weapon to activate.
  • Split the main game into Story Mode and Normal Mode. If you want lore and VO, play through Story, else just shoot ’em up in Normal.
  • Updated enemy ability icon displays
  • Improved collision damage sfx
  • Fighter fixes
  • Updated health bars for repair packs, to better illustrate how much health they actually have
  • Removed health boost for Brick’s die hard units.
  • Reduced collision damage multiplier
  • Added assault pics to story mode display
  • Made exiting gun more reliable, now it just ejects you as soon as you are in range.