Name your turrets, new UI, custom loadouts and more

In Patch Notes by MindWalker Games

Beta is now live! LOTS of improvements.

– Complete UI overhaul
– Changed difficulty level names
– Overhaul of modification system
– Added naming support for turrets
– Added custom loadout option (purchasable from store)
– Capped structure stun time to 12 seconds
– Reduced enemy attack player range by 25%
– improved landing pad to make it more visible
– Increased COF when player moves sniper weapon
– Fixed Legendary difficulty
– Improved item upgrade options
– sockets are now drag and drop
– Fix for obsolete properties – money is rewarded for any outdated items no longer in game
– Added scavenger and surgeon stat
– More orbital laser from kill streaks
– Lowered reward from recycler
– Slowed down fast fire player attack weapon
– Enemy attacks happen faster when directly attacked.

And about a zillion tuning changes and improvements.